Being a manager is such a great opportunity for you to display your capability, apply your skills, and take charge of a group of people with one particular goal. It also has its perks. You can easily travel to your favorite destinations even without using Codigo promocional Avianca. You can buy your dream sports shoes easily and cheaper if you use Nike promo code extra 20 off clearance. But as excellent as it sounds, you will also find myths that exist about being a manager. You do not have to do these things if you become a manager of a company.

You have to yell at your employees.

You should not treat your employees as machines or objects. They are people just like you and me. You cannot and should not yell at them and be at your beck and call every time you want them in your office. In order for your company to have harmony at work, you have to treat them with the utmost respect. You cannot demand respect. You have to earn it. This is true in offices and even in work sites. You should show respect to people. If you want to talk to them, ask them nicely. If they have done something wrong, do not yell at the back of the office for everyone to hear you scold the employee. Be as respectful as you can to them. In time, it will also be reciprocated. If in case situations got out of hand, you can say sorry for what you did. You can give them an Expedia折扣碼 hear or a healthpost promo code just to show you how apologetic you are.

Managers do not do anything. They just delegate everything.

Photo of a manager using his smart phone.Another myth about being a manager is that he does not do anything in the workplace. All he does is just delegate and have other people do their work for them. This is simply not true. You may have seen managers before who just give out special tickets to concerts or ส่วนลด Se-ed TH สำหรับ สิงหาคม 2017 to their employees. But they do have other jobs than just mingling with his officemates and delegate.

You have to understand that managers take overall responsibility for a project, a section, or a department of a company. He is and will be accountable for every mistake that happens whether he is on the site or not. This is just how being a manager is. Their whole day is composed of meetings with the bosses, meetings with the clients, and meeting with employees. Managers also have to focus on monthly, quarterly, and yearly planning.

Managers do not want others to step up.

Effective managers want people in his staff to step up and level up their game. They do not want mediocrity in the team. Great managers are not scared of other employees taking their jobs. If you do your best in everything and have confidence in yourself, you will instead uplift people and encourage them to work for your business.