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manager questionsIf you have a question please enter it below and we’ll get back to you. Your question will be anonymous and in total confidence. There are occasions when it’s not appropriate to ask someone at work about an issue.

  • Your boss may think you’re not up to the job if you mention it.
  • The obvious person to ask at work may be too close to the problem to give you a balanced view.

You may feel you need independent advice on the range of options you think you have and you want to get another view.

Friends and family may not be familiar with your management situation.

In some cases, the topic may require friends and family to be unbiased and not favor you in their response.

You can put a question to an expert and we will do our best to include our answer in an upcoming 5 Minute Guide or on our “News” or in a report or we will answer you separately in an e-mail.

You’ll find other managers’ questions and our answers to them in the Questions & Answers section.


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