How Do Leaders Develop Employees?

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The development of individual employees to bring out the best in them doesn’t happen overnight, by magic or by just hoping employees will develop.

The leaders in a business – the CEO and all the managers – must first let their employees know that management want to develop employees and that management would be pleased if employees show themselves as wanting to develop. Many companies don’t do this. They assume that all employees know… but they don’t.

The management’s desire for employee development needs to be plainly stated and clearly demonstrated as incontrovertible fact so that staff don’t perceive it as just an unsubstantiated statement.

Staff will then be aware of their true worth to the company.

Without a plan for developing people, nothing will happen so CEOs and managers must do the essential groundwork.

The groundwork involves CEOs and managers getting together to discuss the benefits to the company of having an effective employee and leadership development program. Managers need also to consider the costs to the company in turnover if productivity and morale are lowered because there isn’t an employee development program in existence.

How to motivate employees is a constant and key concern of all managers. Unmotivated employees can be a burden to a company and can necessitate executives investing a great deal of time and energy into improving morale and productivity. It’s far better to invest valuable manager time and energy and the business’ money into an employee development program.

Management need to identify the characteristics of employees who are already successful or have been most successful in the company and identify:

  • The training experiences they had
  • Their educational background
  • Their years of experience
  • How they fit the company culture
  • Their personality style
  • What motivates them

A newsletter or a weekly e-mail to all employees, publishing the business’ intention to develop employees would be a method of marketing a company’s intentions. Whatever form it takes, it would be a document that states the company’s intention to actively develop employees.

An in-house class, seminar or half day course would be a good way to begin to inform employees of a new development program.

Before making further plans it’s important to consider what would go into a successful program.

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