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Effective management skills are now the currency of success. Whether your organization is concerned with business, commerce or industry, it will need managers who have well developed leadership skills, are excellent communicators and are also effective strategic thinkers.

To manage at all levels, communication skills, leadership skills and time management skills are required. These skills are at the heart of all successful businesses and at the heart of the effective management of teams of people.

Managers are also expected to train their own team members and provide help with team member’s learning. This means that managers must also have coaching skills to support their staff. The skills of a trainer are specialized and will need to be developed. Once again, there will be demand for creativity to achieve this.

Management strategies for building and maintaining team moral, techniques and tips which help to motivate and support people are vital to business success, particularly in a time of economic uncertainty.

In achieving management objectives, of particular importance are interpersonal skills – the so call “soft skills”. The term “soft” can imply that they are skills which are of secondary importance. Secondary for instance to harder skills such to financial management and project management. Such an interpretation is wrong. Soft skills are the complex and demanding and ever-changing skills which effect individuals in organizations – communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, change mamangement, performance appraisal and performance management. Get these wrong and business suffers. Soft skills – interpersonal skills – are the “meat n’ potatoes” of the effective management of human resource; they are essential manager skills.

Human resources management is the key to effective management of any business’ finite financial resources

Effective management is about managing every project well which means managing effectively, efficiently, in a timely manner and with the full co-operation of everyone involved.

There are a huge number of requirements of a manager and yet resources for training are in short supply for most businesses operations these days. It’s likely to become the responsibility of managers to develop their own effective management skills.

In the past, managers could look forward to being sent on training courses to learn or develop a particular skill but now managers must be creative in building their own personal bank of resources to improve their effectiveness. In a climate of economic downturn and dramatically reduced budgets, managers must add innovation to the ever-growing list of requirements of their professional education.

Also, in the past, it was quite easy for a manager to find a class which suited the learning schedule of his professional development but increasingly, classes are run at times which conflict with normal business or personal life commitments of home and family.

Time management is usually a top priority for every manager. It’s the #1 continual gripe of most managers that meetings are not time efficient or well managed. Many managers struggle with acting as the chair-person in a meeting and also with writing the minutes of meetings. A short online management course dealing with a key skill such as “Running effective and efficient meetings” can be of considerable assistance.

Working on presentation skills doesn’t only involve getting to grips with Powerpoint. Presentation skills involves the fundamental skill for a manager of addressing an audience – how to stand, how much you can walk around without distracting your audience and what clothes to wear.

Customer service cannot be allowed to suffer during ecomomic downturn. Keeping every customer satisfied is the cornestone of good business management.

We are all in the business of marketing ourselves as managers. There is no better way to impress a future employer that to be able to demonstrate that you have taken on the task of your own professional and personal development.

Whether you’re in marketing management, regularly dealing with the media or you’re in financial management or project management, you’ll need effective management skills. You and the develpment of your effective management skills are your #1 project – Doing the right thing and doing it well.


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