A conference room.

People are hired as managers because they have to be in charge of hundreds or even thousands of men and they have to handle delicate equipment and process. Managers are getting paid to do just that. And it is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, the money is good when you are a manager. But with every title comes a lot of responsibilities. If voucher codes are all you need when you lead people, then sign me up for ten of those. If it is as easy to be an effective leader as it is to buy from online shops like Lazadan and Zalora, then everyone will be a manager.

What traits should you have if you want to be effective as a manager of your company?


Basically, a manager is a leader in the company. When a task is assigned to him, he is supposed to do his best to perform and to accomplish what needs to be completed. And with every task comes the people who will work with you as your employees. You do not lead equipment. And you definitely do not lead process. As a manager, you lead people. You should always keep your employees in mind when you manage your company. Would you have them work overtime just to reach a milestone? Is it okay for you to let them sacrifice their time for their families in order to comply with a request by a client? Leadership is the right mix of knowing what your priorities are and how you can take control of a situation concerning the employees.

Leadership is also being a model for your employees. If you said that the company needs more budget during a crisis, your salary should be the first one to be cut off. If you want your people to work overtime, you should also be present during these hours to show your support to them.


You have to open up your communication with your employees. In this way, you will know what goes on in your company and you can also voice out everything that you want if it concerns the health of an individual or the process in the company.

A company staff meeting.